Why film your event?

Coverage of your event can be as important as the event itself, if you want it to continue to retain and grow bookings for future editions of the event .  Its an effective, tried and tested way of sustaining interest after the event, and as a way of creating interest for it next time, the creation of a film should be part of the event planning itself. 

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How it works

Get in touch with us early so we can check our availability for the date(s) of your event. We can discuss the details including key elements that need to be captured and key personnel etc. Give your viewer a pitch in pictures and they’ll remember your event is not one to miss.

The posssibilities

  • Interviews with key speakers from the event
  • Vox pops with visitors/consumers of the event
  • Highlights from the event’s activities
  • Footage of people interacting and networking – this would include a variety of different filming techniques including slo-motion and timelapse
  • A call to action for future events

Advantages of event films

Documenting an event through video is an excellent way of maximising content and taking full potential of the hard work put into the production of an event.

Some people may not have been able to attend the event. A video enables them to feel as though they did not completely miss out.

Video permanently documents information contained in a speech or presentation. This can be accessed at a later date or re-purposed into another format like an article or press release.

A video can be distributed to the media which will add excitement to the standard press release.